Lab News

July 2019 – Maria returns from her trip to Ethiopia as part of the BORNE symposium. Read about her experience here

July 2019 – Sandra completes her Green Fellowship in the lab and moves on to bigger adventures.

June 2019 – Maria is awarded a generous gift from the the Walter & Lillian Cantor Foundation.

April 2019 – The Chahrour lab is awarded a Pilot grant from the Simons Foundation! Read about the project here.

April 2019 – Maria participates in a live chat for Autism Awareness day. Watch the video here.

February 2019 – Our UBE3B paper is published in PNAS! Check out the press release.

January 2019 – Sandra joins the lab as a UTD/UTSW Green Fellow. She’s our first Green Fellow and we’re excited to have her!

January 2019 – Lauretta joins the lab as a graduate student in the Genetics, Development, and Disease graduate program. Welcome Lauretta!

January 2019 – Chahrour lab is 17th in the Neuroscience & Friends fantasy football league! “The important thing is, we were not last” - Oguz

December 2018 – Anne finishes her rotation in the lab.

December 2018 – Our PSMD12 paper is published in AJMG!

November 2018 – Nancy joins the lab as a computational biologist. Welcome to Texas Nancy!

October 2018 – We decorated the lab door for the Neuroscience department’s Halloween decoration contest. Didn’t win, but we had fun!

October 2018 – Lauretta finishes her rotation in the lab.

October 2018 – Congrats Oguz for passing the quals!

August 2018 – Pooja finishes her summer internship. Thank you for a productive internship and hope to see you back in the lab!

July 2018 – We say goodbye to Nadine and good luck in graduate school! Houston is lucky to have you.

June 2018 – Maria is awarded an R21 from the National Institute of Mental Health!

April 2018 – Maria is awarded a Welch Foundation grant!

February 2018 – Oguz joins the lab as a Neuroscience graduate student on the Computational and Systems Biology track –he’s the first grad student of the lab! Welcome Oguz!

January 2018 – Milan leaves the lab. Good luck Milan!

January 2018 – Our review article is published in Neurobiology of Learning and Memory.

December 2017 – Oguz finishes his rotation in the lab.

October 2017 – Robert finishes his rotation in the lab.

August 2017 – Nina finishes her summer internship as a visiting scholar.

July 2017 – Kiran joins the lab as a senior research scientist; welcome Kiran!

June 2017 – Michael finishes his summer internship.

May 2017 – Raida finishes her Fulbright fellowship in the lab. Best of luck!

January 2017 – Milan joins the lab as a research technician; welcome Milan!

October 2016 – Melissa leaves the lab; good luck!

August 2016 – Stejara finishes her summer internship in the lab; we will miss you and hope you come back!

August 2016 – Katrina finishes her SURF internship in the lab.

August 2016 – Maria is awarded a NARSAD Young Investigator grant!

July 2016 – Maggie finishes her STARS internship in the lab; good luck and we hope you come back!

July 2016 – Nadine joins the lab as a research technician; welcome Nadine!

June 2016 – Akanksha leaves the lab and is off to medical school! Best of luck!

February 2016 – Solmi joins the lab for her postdoctoral training; welcome Solmi!

  • ASHG Invited Session 2018

  • Nadine's Goodbye Brunch 2018

  • Science Outreach 2018

  • Bioinformatics Retreat 2018

  • UTSW 75th Anniversary 2018

  • Dallas Women's Foundation 2017

  • Raida's Project Presentation 2017

  • Raida's Goodbye Party 2017